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Why Not to Feel Guilty Sending Your Kids to Daycare On Your Day Off

So you are checking your time off balance at work and realize you are in serious need of a day off. A day off from work…a day to yourself. Do you plan on sending your little ones to daycare on that hard-earned day off? If so, do you feel guilty? Here are a few reasons […]

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Trends for Kids, Etsy and More: Local Chapter

As practical and necessary as baby registries are, I’m not a fan when it comes to the giving. I always find myself doing a swift look through and getting bored… Diaper genies, vintage owl play mats and Dr. Brown bottles aren’t exactly something friends and strangers in line at Target will gush over and want to […]

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Building Your Baby’s Capsule Wardrobe

It’s all about simplicity these days. Minimalism—the practice of intentionally paring down one’s belongings in order to live simply— has recently resurrected.  Darling of Pinterest and Instagram, the practice of “living more with less” has worked its way into our homes and wardrobes, freeing us to live fuller lives focused on what really matters. Now […]

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Staying Positive

Well, I recently had one of those days.  I cried and laughed.  Was frustrated and grateful.  My 15 month old son was going thru some separation struggles with me.  It can be tough.  And suffocating.  But I know, like anything, this, too,  shall pass. My meltdown happened on the ride home from the gym.  The […]

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In Defense Of Extra Curricular Activities

In my experience there are two camps. Well, at least two that are worth talking about here. There is the camp of parents who absolutely refuse to schedule any after school activities for their children. Their feather’s bristle at the mere mention of “calendar,” “schedule,” or “registration fees.” Their mantra is let kids be kids. […]

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Event Recap: Bloom Parenting Fair at Park Nicollet’s Women’s Center

Were you at our BLOOM event on May 2nd?! We had a fantastic time, a great turn-out and everyone learned so much about Park Nicollet’s Women’s Center, their Family Birth Center and the many vendors and educators that joined in.  We want to thank Park Nicollet for being such a gracious host in a beautiful […]

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Mothers' Day with Two Moms (2)

Mothers’ Day with Two Moms

In our family, every day is a day to high-five an awesome mother. There are two of us after all. So when the official holiday comes around, it is really a celebration of our family, not of an individual. It becomes Mothers‘ Day in our family and here’s what we did this year. We like to be […]

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