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October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. We invited a few local moms to share some heart-felt advice as we celebrate and embrace each other’s, and our children’s, differences.   A special “Thanks!” to Erin, Andrea, Candace, and Christine for putting this together.  You will see numerous postings on social media this month with facts and myths about […]

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Get Out the Door On Time with Less Stress

When my kids were little we had a morning routine that got us out the door on time every day without fail. I’d wake the girls at 7 a.m., we’d snuggle in our king-size bed (which was the best part!) and watch the first half of Arthur on PBS. Then, during “intermission” they’d race to […]

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cloth dipe

A Lazy Mom’s Guide to Cloth Diapering

Once upon a time, in a vacation land far south of here, a set of normally cloth-diapering new parents splurged on a shiny pack of chlorine-free, dye-free, scent-free, all-bad-things-free disposable diapers to protect their daughter’s precious newborn bum. The new mom was enjoying a life of leisure, sashaying across the marble floors to the wall […]

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5 Ways I Manage My Time Differently Since Becoming a Mom

This post was sponsored by Dr. Smith’s®. Developed by a pediatrician, Dr. Smith’s is the brand parents trust to help treat diaper rash, fast. Dr. Smith’s is available in an ointment and a touch-free, zinc oxide spray. Find Dr. Smith’s at Target, Babies “R” Us, buybuy Baby, Amazon, Walgreens, CVS and other leading retailers across the […]

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