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Gestational Carrier (drafts)

In honor of both Infertility Week and the approaching Mother's Day, we're presenting the birth story of little Ignacio.  Ignacio was born in early 2016 via gestational carrier. We'd love to introduce you to him, his parents, and his carrying family in this touching photo series of his birthday.  A big "Thank You" to Melissa Hogstad [...]
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I am a Twin Cities Moms: Abby Jimenez | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I Am A Twin Cities Mom: Abby Jimenez

We're reintroducing our series, I Am A Twin Cities Mom, featuring local business influencers who are also moms! To kick-off this round, we'd like to introduce you to Abby Jimenez - owner and founder of Nadia Cakes. Though Abby is a California native, she found that Minnesota called to her on a trip through the area. [...]
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Supermom Has it All… Including Postpartum Depression

Looking at other parents’ Facebook or Instagram feeds may make it seem like they really have it all…  a wonderful marriage, a supportive spouse with a successful job, a beautiful house in the suburbs with a white-picket fence and a big yard for the dog, at least two children (including at least one boy and one girl), and fashionable […]

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A Twin Cities Mom's Guide to the Month of May 2016 | Twin Cities Moms Blog

A Twin Cities Moms’ Guide to the Month of May 2016

There’s always something to do in the Twin Cities, and we’re here to help you keep your sanity by avoiding Google and bringing these activities all together in one easy guide. In 2016, we’ll be bringing you monthly event guides so you don’t miss a thing! This is month #5, again with no shortage of activities […]

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Your Groceries, Delivered by Your Neighbor

{Disclosure: There are a multitude of reasons why people choose to shop local – including encouraging community prosperity, reducing environmental impact and just an overall feeling of giving back to the community in which you live. That’s why we love to feature and talk about our local partners here at Twin Cities Mom Blog, and are […]

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Confessions of a Baby-Led Weaning Mom (hint: it just means your baby feeds herself what you eat)

It sounds so complicated, and it’s so simple: baby-led weaning is a method of introducing solids where babies feed themselves the same foods adults eat. If you want to be strict about it (I’m not): no purees, no spoons, no pouches, no forays into the baby food aisle, period. “They” say it helps kids develop […]

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