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Black Friday: Love It or Hate It?

Black Friday used to be a somewhat popular shopping day where people would get up early to shop with family. Early, as in 5am. Now, Black Friday has become something that seems somewhat out of control. Because Black Friday seems to come earlier and earlier each year, the controversy surrounding it and how far stores […]

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7 Ready-To-Go Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

I’m hosting my first Thanksgiving this year. GULP! My parents usually host, but they’re in the midst of a remodel–new kitchen, dining room, and living room. Essentially every necessary Thanksgiving area is under construction. My parents, my oldest sister, and I all live within 3-5 miles of each other. Normally, this kind of thing would fall next to […]

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5 Reasons Post-Baby Exercise is Super Hardcore

As I triumphantly rolled my four-month-old under the balloon-arch finish line of her first 5K on this side of the womb, a grinning volunteer yelled, “You’re the first stroller!” I smugly reveled in my hardcoreness for about two seconds before reminding myself that sweeping the stroller division isn’t that hard when you jog a casual, […]

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Mightly Meatball Sliders

Purchase Simek’s Meatballs and Feed a Child

Disclosure: {We’ve partnered with Simek’s to get you all the details on their partnership with Feed My Starving Children over the holiday season. We’re thrilled to help support such a fantastic organization, serving those in need.} I really want to be one of those people that meal plans, makes from-scratch meals every night and has […]

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Bachman’s Annual Holiday Play: “Santa’s Magical Music”

{Disclosure: Twin Cities Moms Blog has partnered with Bachman’s to get you all the details on their annual holiday experience with Santa. We are thrilled to help spread the word about such a fantastic holiday tradition!} You know those magical holiday memories from your childhood? The kind you want to cultivate with your kids? We […]

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I Gave Birth to a Monkey

I gave birth to a monkey. Probably the strangest looking monkey you’ve ever seen. Instead of furry, it was completely bald. Instead of ears sticking straight out, they laid flat against its head. Instead of a red butt, it’s butt was light pink. And the weirdest part of all–no tail, but that doesn’t slow it down! […]

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That Time I Dropped Off My Baby at Daycare and Didn’t Cry

It took 10 weeks and 5 days after my daughter’s birth to get to D-Day. Two-and-a-half months of perfect days and perfectly imperfect nights, snuggling, cooing, feeling the sunshine on our skin and the coziness under our blankets. Getting to know each other. Figuring it all out, this new life and new adventure. Easing into […]

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Your Grown Son Won’t Eat His Boogers (and Other Worries You Can Let Go)

Confession: When we left the hospital with our newborn son, I was convinced we were on the road to a royal mess up. How anyone thought we were capable of raising a baby – a living, breathing, completely-dependent-on-us-for-survival person – was insanity. There was so much we didn’t know. So much that could happen. What […]

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