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The Gift of a Listening Ear

I dropped off my kids at Sunday School and wearily walked toward the auditorium for worship. I was at my wit’s end that day. My toddler still was not sleeping through the night and I was beyond exhausted and feeling desperate. I passed a dear friend in the hallway who stopped and kindly asked me how I slept the […]

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Summer Was A Success | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Great Job Mom, Summer was a Success! 4 (Healthy) Ways to Reward Yourself that Don’t Cost a Fortune

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the summer finish line. The kiddos are headed back to school. Job well done! I have to admit, I’m sad. My kids are at such an awesome age (8 is great, as it turns out), and I don’t really want the summer to ever end. I get teary thinking about […]

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Make Dinner Strange!

We've partnered with Mirum Shopper to bring you some great new recipes and a special product savings! All opinions are 100% my own. Tacos. Chicken. Pasta. Repeat. My once-adventurous 4 year old eater has become the World's Pickiest Eater. Those three things? They are all he'll eat - besides the staples of fruit and plain [...]
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Baby Helmets and Torticollis

Photo Credit: Michelle Lyn Photography Two months after my first baby was born, she was diagnosed with torticollis. I know, I know… tort-a-whaaat?! Well, chances are if you are a mom with young children, you probably know another mom whose kid has it or has had it and you might not even have known about it. […]

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Preparing for a Move with Children

Preparing for a Move with Children

We’re on the move! Soon. My husband and I had a dream to remodel homes, live in them, and then sell them. Well, as most things in life not all of that goes according to plan. After a couple renovation properties we’re living through one with our first child, Greyson (as we like to call him, G). […]

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Three Surprising Benefits of Reading to Your Children

{Disclosure: We are thrilled to partner with Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to share helpful information about early childhood development for children ages zero to three. A host of additional early childhood resources are available on the Children’s website.} My first-born child was a preschool prodigy. Ok maybe not. But thanks to my diligent employment […]

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Momzilla: the Danger in Expectations

My daughters will eat a rainbow-colored plate packed full of vibrant fruits and vegetables, I told myself before I actually had kids. I will change diapers on a two hour schedule. “Please,” and “Thank you,” will be my well mannered daughters’ first words. I will teach my daughters a regimented sleep pattern so that they are asleep […]

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Pediatric Guide (1)

Twin Cities Pediatric Resource Guide

Parenting is a privilege and a joy. It can also leave you with so many questions, especially regarding care for your children and it can become overwhelming when you begin to research all of your options. Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota understands how that can feel and we're so grateful to them for sponsoring this incredible resource. We would [...]
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Fall Trends 1

Fall Trends to Wear NOW

Friends, the fall season will soon be upon us and that means my favorite fashion season of the year is here. There is something special about the fall season – we say goodbye to shorts, flip flops, tank tops, and all the items associated with summer, and welcome the beauty of layered outfitting. Sidenote: I always remember going […]

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