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When Your Friend Loses Her Baby

I vividly remember the first time one of my friends had a miscarriage.  We were sitting across from each other having lunch and she just said it, “So, we had a miscarriage.”  I also remember not having a clue about what to say.  I hadn’t even been pregnant yet, how could I understand or support […]

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More than “Johnny’s Mom”

Once you’re a mom you have many a moment when you feel as if you’re losing your identity.  Where you used to be your own person with your own name, suddenly you find yourself being called “Johnny’s Mom,” especially once your kids start going to classes and school.  You used to have your own interests […]

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Welcome to Twin Cities Moms Blog! We thrilled to have you and hope you’ll take some time to get to know us.  You can visit our Events page or get to know our Co-Founders and Contributors.  We’d love to give you a few ideas of what’s going on Around Town.  If you’d like to keep […]

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