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Mom watching toddler stand and smile

Accepting Yourself (On Being Authentic)

{Photo credit: Anna Lygocki Photography} “It’s peaceful,” is what I normally tell people who ask what it’s like not to hear. I don’t hear anything. I’m Deaf. With hearing aids, I hear noise or cues that help me understand what I’m hearing. Being able to take out my hearing aids and shut off all noise is […]

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Baby holding mom's pinkie finger while mom signs "I love you" in ASL.

Baby Sign is for Everyone!

“Ice cream. More. Please,” my toddler sleepily communicates to me in baby sign at 6 am. She hasn’t been awake for long, but she knows exactly what she wants. In fact, I almost titled this post, “More Ice Cream! And Other Demands Made Possible By Baby Sign.” Although it’s early, my daughter’s tiny signing is adorable! The message comes […]

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Mom in field, hugging two young girls

You Know, the Martyr Dies (On Self-Fulfillment)

{Photo credit: Anna Lygocki Photography} I love strategizing how to get to yes, and I love saying “yes” even when I’m saying “no.” I am very good at saying “yes.” I hate the obvious label, “people-pleaser.” Innately, my goal is harmony, and many times, compromising, or saying “yes,” gets me there.  I’ve also learned that the […]

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mom kissing newborn baby

Strong Women Raise Strong Babies

{Photo Credit: Anna Ligocki Photography} “I do.” My baby sister got married last weekend. My new brother in-law works hard and loves big. He’s adventurous and determined. Growing up, he had strong role models in his mom, aunt, and grandmother. My sister, petite as she is, is a strong-willed, stubborn woman with grit to spare. Though, she […]

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Photo of newborn baby screaming

Momzilla: the Danger in Expectations

My daughters will eat a rainbow-colored plate packed full of vibrant fruits and vegetables, I told myself before I actually had kids. I will change diapers on a two hour schedule. “Please,” and “Thank you,” will be my well mannered daughters’ first words. I will teach my daughters a regimented sleep pattern so that they are asleep […]

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600 cam car

Slow Down, Mama! #Justdrive

A member of our family was in a terrifying car accident this week. It was nearly fatal but incredibly routine. At the time of the accident, the details we received from first responders were scarce, but alarming. Waiting for more information was excruciating. Similarly painful was the realization that it could have been me. Since having our second […]

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Baby hand holding mom hand signing "I love you"

With An Open Heart – How to Talk About Disabilities

“Mommy, I hear train,” my two year old, Charlotte, signs to me with her micro-toddler fingers. My daughter doesn’t share my disability; but her little fingers know American Sign Language (ASL) and she already uses some of it at home. On some level, I know Charlotte understands that I’m different than her because she waves at me to get […]

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Photo credit: Anna Ligocki Photography

You Are A Good Mom (On Self-Kindness)

Photo credit: Anna Ligocki Photography “You are so careless,” I thought to myself as I cried. “Brian (my husband) doesn’t make any mistakes like this. You are always making mistakes like this! What is wrong with you? Why can’t you be a good mom?  You’ve always been careless. That’s what she (my daughter) is going […]

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