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Magnolia 5

Magnolia – An Inside Look

By now you have likely heard of the HGTV show “Fixer Upper” featuring my close personal friends Chip and Joanna Gaines. If you haven’t logged into Netflix lately and experienced this TV gold, let me give you the brief overview. Chip and Jojo are the most adorable couple that renovate old houses into drool-worthy homes. […]

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IMG_2528 - Own Your Style

Owning Your Style

You may have noticed, but there are one zillion fashion bloggers and one zillion plus one fashionista Instagram accounts telling us about the trending styles of the season that we must wear now. I like to write (ehh…mostly talk) about fashion. No one gave me permission – nor did anyone necessarily encourage me (except you, […]

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Untitled design (3)

Wear Now: Flare Jeans

I hear a lot about the latest trends in fashion due to my fashion blog reading (…less reading, more looking at pictures…) and by following my (not-real-life-friends) friends on Instagram posting about their experiences at fashion week.  Sometimes I agree with the latest trends, sometimes I strongly express my distaste for current trends, but three […]

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