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It Takes a Village: How We Chose Milk Donation

“Formula or Breastmilk?” “Is she breastfed?” “Do you nurse or are you pumping?” These three questions are what I’m asked countless times when introducing my youngest to friends, family, coworkers and doctors – every-single-doctor-appointment. I’ve never been one to join in on the conversations or lean far right or left when it comes to how […]

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Turner Syndrome Awareness Month: What these Moms Want You to Know

At 17 weeks pregnant, I received the news we would be adding a baby girl to our spunky family of three. Not only did we receive this exciting news, but we also learned our daughter had a rare chromosomal syndrome, Turner Syndrome, which in most cases there is a complete or partial absence of the second […]

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Three Things Led Me To My Biological Family | Part II

I found my birth mother on February 19, 2014. One can only imagine the emotions, thoughts and questions that quickly go through someone’s brain once a realization like this comes to the surface… It was hard. It was so extremely hard. Emotions were attacking me from all angles. I struggled with how to approach Cynthia. I didn’t […]

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