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How Do I Worry for Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

By nature, I am a worrier. Add nature with motherhood and I am a disaster. When I was pregnant with my son, I remember thinking, “ Once I’m through the first trimester, then I won’t worry so much. Wait, no, once I’m through the second trimester I can be worry-free. Ok, after the third…well, after he’s […]

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5 Things I’ve Learned From Mothers Around the World

I love learning from others. Especially from those different than me. I seriously don’t think there’s anything more amazing than the opportunity to listen to the stories of those who have experienced some of the darkest and most beautiful parts of our world. With that said, I am grateful I’ve had the opportunity to know many amazing women, […]

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The Surprising Reason My Son Wasn’t Talking {And the simple thing that helped}

I’ve often considered writing an article titled, “Here, Let Me Make That Mistake For You!” Between a couple of parent friends and myself I think we have enough content to fill up a few posts. Perhaps they are less mistakes and more parenting oversights, but either way, they have caused us to stop and ask the question “Should we […]

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Thrifty Halloween Shopping at Savers {Sponsored Post}

For this post, Twin Cities Moms Blog has partnered with Savers, a thrift store company whose mission is to provide the best shopping experience and selection for it’s customers. Our writer, Maureen, has enjoyed shopping at Savers for years and we know you’ll love the ideas she has for you below. My childhood was pretty […]

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When Mom Goes Back to School: Five Things to Consider

Considering going back to school? Not sure if you’d be able to balance relationships, parenting, work and taking care of yourself? Worried you might sacrifice your family for the sake of your studies? It isn’t alway easy, but there is a way to go through school in a peaceful, balanced and enjoyable way! Hopefully my story […]

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