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To My Greyson, My Promise to You…

Dear Greyson, My sweet, sweet happy boy. Oh how I love you, and I want to keep life simple and pure for you forever. As I watch you begin life’s rites of passages… crawling, talking, walking, soon kindergarten and eventually adolescence, and all the peer pressure that surrounds it, I realize it’s a flawed life. […]

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Get Fired up for Fall Fun with Events at Bachman’s

Bachman’s is full of ideas – in fact, they have an entire house dedicated to just that! They’re also experts at events – if you haven’t been to one of their classes, you need to get one on your calendar soon! In the meantime, you’ve got to get your self to their fall happenings. Two […]

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How to Style Your Shelves in 5 Steps

How many of you momma’s out there have your shelves loaded with stuff that you’re trying to keep out of reach from your children?  I have to admit that our office shelves have all of our markers, scissors and a ton of other junk up on that top shelf. At the end of all projects we […]

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Preparing for a Move with Children

Preparing for a Move with Children

We’re on the move! Soon. My husband and I had a dream to remodel homes, live in them, and then sell them. Well, as most things in life not all of that goes according to plan. After a couple renovation properties we’re living through one with our first child, Greyson (as we like to call him, G). […]

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