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10 Reasons Why Day Dates Are Better For Parents

“Let’s go on a date!” he said. “Ok!” she said. After finding a sitter and finally figuring out what they wanted to do, they were off. Off to feeling young and hip again. A nice dinner at 7 pm was perfect, but that wasn’t enough, they hadn’t been on a date like this for a […]

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It’s… P E R F E C T

Just as we all see color a little differently, we all see PERFECT differently. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get into any conversations about whether the dress was blue or white… it was perfect, let’s just leave it there. I am noticing an interesting trend though – society somewhat turning it’s back on a dictionary […]

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Favorite baby Items For The Soon-to-Be MoM {Mom of Multiples}

Photo Credit: Liz Siebenaler Photography Expecting Twins or more?! Well, first off… congratulations!! Secondly, have you thought about what you really need? It can be overwhelming to think about what you’ll need not for one, but two babies or more! Check out this list of favorite items that have been proven helpful necessities and loved […]

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Look Who’s Talking Now! The importance of Early Communication and Interaction.

{Disclosure: We are thrilled to partner with Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to share helpful information about early childhood development for children ages zero to three. A host of additional early childhood resources are available on the Children’s website.} When I found out I was pregnant I jumped for joy, shouted it from the rooftops, […]

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