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How to Help a Struggling Reader

I had the privilege of sitting down with our local Children’s Librarian, Miss Margaret, to learn how libraries can help kids and families. I thought I was pretty library-savvy before, but I learned so much! Here are some things she shared that are helpful not only for those mamas with struggling or disinterested readers, but […]

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Benefits of Bedtime Reading | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Benefits of Bedtime Reading

This post is brought to you by our partners at Kinderberry Hill. Their education coordinator, a mom herself, discusses the importance of making time to read with children. Our house, like many of yours, wraps up each day with a bedtime story. We have all heard the many educational benefits of this nightly ritual, but […]

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To My Spirited Child: I Am Sorry

If I had a dollar for every time someone has said, “You sure have your hands full,” regarding my 4-year-old daughter, I would be a millionaire. I used to cringe when people would say that to me; now I reply, “But my heart is even fuller.” My child has had a strong personality from the beginning. […]

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Racially-Diverse Books to Check Out

So many children’s books contain only white characters. Or if they DO include non-white characters, they are often in minor roles and are rarely found in greater numbers than the white characters. This became painfully apparent to me after our daughter joined our family through International Adoption. I began searching for books with characters that looked like her and came […]

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Tips to Foster a Love of Reading

{We are thrilled to have partnered with Kinderberry Hill for another informative post – their Education Coordinator, Sara Reichstadt, a mom herself, has some fantastic information to share with us all and some great skills and habits we can all put in place.} February is “I Love to Read Month,” a time to spread the joy of […]

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Women Are Scary! {A Sponsored Book Review}

 {We’re happy to share this sponsored book review with you!  We’ve partnered with Zondervan Publishing for this review, all opinions are our own.} Ever had trouble making friends?  “Women Are Scary” – um, could there be a better title for a book about friendship between women? Women ARE scary…okay, not all of us, and not […]

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Parenting By The Book. Or Not.

Confession: I have never read a parenting book. Okay, I have skimmed a few chapters of various books here and there but I have never read one in its entirety.  Nor did I read one pregnancy book while I was carrying a precious life in my womb. Ten years ago (10 years!) when I was pregnant with […]

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