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2014 Utimate Twin Cities Summer Camp-1

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps in the Twin Cities

This past Sunday, men all across the Twin Cities participated in ‘Selection Sunday’ —the day to pick who will win the Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship. This year has high stakes with Warren Buffet pledging to give 1 billion dollars to anyone who creates perfect brackets. Meanwhile, moms across the metro (me included) stayed up late to manage their own […]

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DIY Silk Flower Headbands

I have a confession. I’m totally one of those moms who LOVES all things pink and frilly for my baby girls. Shortly after they were born I learned about the amazing world of fancy schmancy headbands. I mean seriously. A huge oversized bow on a tiny baby? It really doesn’t get much cuter. Unfortunately, I […]

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Easy Personalized Photo Valentine’s Day Cards

I love finding great ideas for Valentine’s Day. My kids are still of the age that they exchange cards with their whole class at school – so we love to make something that is personal, fun and memorable. I ran across this idea several years ago and we’ve used it every year since because it […]

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Hidden Gems of the Mall of America

Remember a few weeks ago when it was so cold that people all over the frozen tundra threw boiling water into the air and it froze instantly?  No?  Don’t worry, you’ve probably just wiped that painful memory from your brain FOREVER.  But what I haven’t forgotten was how desperate I was to entertain my kids (and myself) during those crazy […]

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Five Tips On Toy Rotation

If your house is anything like my house this time of year, there are new toys. Everywhere. Dolls and books and stray crayons, missing puzzle pieces, legos and teddy bears. Enter in two birthdays between Christmas and the end of January in our household, and we have gotten loads of new fun stuff all within […]

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