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The Minnesota State Fair (1)

Minnesota State Fair 2015: A Family Guide

The Great Minnesota Get-Together – we wait for it all year and it’s two weeks of food on a stick, farm animals, butter sculptures and more.  Our fair is so popular that people travel here at the end of August just to experience it!  We cannot wait to drag our kids through the fair this […]

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How to Survive a Hangover... (1)

How to Survive a Hangover…with Kids.

It happens. No one wants it to, but it did. You are hungover. With kids. It will be a long, pretty dreadful day, there’s simply no way around that. But, there are some ways to make it suck less. (No judgment, there are many experiences that went into my learning of this particular skill, least of which […]

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January-February (3)

Twin Cities: Your Guide to January/February

  There’s plenty to do this winter in the Twin Cities – don’t miss out just because it’s cold.  We’ll update with new additions as they come.  Don’t forget to check out our list of Indoor Activities, and add a few of our “Winter Survival” posts to your reading list: 10 Twin Cities Winter Activities […]

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Hunkering Down – Top TV Picks for Couples

Have you heard that saying about love grows best in little houses (I believe that there is a country song where this comes from by Doug Stone)?  I’ll share it with you as I need to repeat the words a few times to settle myself down after a weekend of family togetherness in our old, […]

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First Avenue First

Built in date nights are one of the benefits of being a mom (and dad!) within a blended family.  On Thursday and Friday nights, our kids are always with their other parents, so we have no pangs of guilt leaving them behind and are able to enjoy our time together without worry. My husband and […]

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