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Handprint Ornament 2

DIY Handprint Ornament

Listen, I’m not one of those moms who has an elaborate activity or craft planned out for my kids every day. As a matter of fact, the closest I usually ever get to completing a “kid-friendly” craft that takes any type of pre-planning is pinning it to my “Toddler Activities” board on Pinterest. Luckily, this project didn’t take […]

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Brighten Up Your Steps With Bachman’s Spruce Tops

Disclosure: We’ve partnered with Bachman’s to highlight all they have to offer you to brighten your home and front steps for the holiday season. We’re more than excited to show off the supplies they have waiting for you to decorate your home! Melissa and Cari recently had the chance to try out one of Bachman’s […]

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I Think Your Budget is (6)

Pinterest Has It All Wrong

Feeling pressured? Tired? Overworked? Feeling like there’s just not enough time to be the creative Pinterest mom you’re able to be? You and me both. Today, I’m throwing in the reigns, I’m raising the little white flag. Whispering, “Pinterest… I surrender to thee.” You don’t owe your child the Style Me Living Nursery. I blame Etsy and I […]

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Summer Syllabus: 100+ Things to Do This Summer

Here it is our list of 100+ things to do this summer.  You’re probably already thinking I’m crazy because there aren’t even 101 days in our summer break.  I’m never quite sure which activities will capture their interest for 15 seconds and which ones will last all afternoon. You may also be rolling your eyes […]

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DIY: Marble Art with Nail Polish

When I found out that my second baby would be a little girl, I was thrilled. Not just because I was excited to have a partner in crime to go out for “a pedi and a latte” together, go shopping with, and just generally be girly with, but also because I was looking forward to decorating a girly nursery. As […]

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