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We Are Who Have Lost

We Are Mothers Who Have Lost

1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Each year in the United States, there are about 3,500 Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUID). These deaths occur among infants less than 1 year old and have no immediately obvious cause. Sometimes, in the midst of something deeply painful, reading someone else’s story brings an odd comfort in the sense […]

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What not to say to moms of one-2

What Not to Say to a Mom of One

I have one child. It’s not by choice. I would have had more if my eggs had cooperated. Other moms have one child because, well, they chose to have one child. Whether by our own personal choice or biology’s limitations, we find ourselves at the same destination: single child families. And that’s where people have […]

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For the Mamas Who Lost Their Babies: You are still a Mother

I wish when my husband and I got married 3 years ago, someone had told me that starting and growing a family can be an incredibly difficult and painful journey. Instead, I felt incredibly ill-prepared for the journey we embarked on last year. In July of 2013, we discovered, unexpectedly, that I was pregnant; although […]

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