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Trending Now: Nitrous Oxide for Relief During Labor Helps

{Disclosure: Our partners at Fairview Health Services are here to answer questions about a popular new pain relief option during childbirth: nitrous oxide. Learn from Darlene Spiegelberg, MAN, BSN, RN, Nursing Director of Fairview Southdale Hospital about nitrous oxide and how it can be used as a middle ground for pain relief.} It’s no secret that with the […]

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Twin Cities Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Guide

The pregnancy and postpartum period can be filled with so much joy, but it can also be overwhelming when researching all of your options. Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota understands that and we're so grateful to them for sponsoring this incredible resource. There are endless questions to be answered: Where should I give birth? Who will help [...]
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I Ended Up With Ten People in the Delivery Room

When my pregnancy test showed those two little pink lines, I was far from creating a birth plan. I was blindsided and scared. That’s all there was to it. When you go into survival mode, you aren’t thinking about the future, you are only thinking about getting through the next moments. The father of these […]

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What I Wish

What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

I felt a bit blindsided by motherhood. I’m just being honest. Judge if you will. But like I said… blindsided. As soon as I found out I was expecting, people started giving me advice. They told me how challenging motherhood was going to be, but quickly followed it up with something like, “but it’s SOOOO worth it.” And they were right. […]

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Five Things You May Not Know About Midwifery

Disclosure: Our partners at Fairview Health Services are passionate about educating and supporting women throughout their pregnancies. Learn from Certified Nurse Midwife Karin Marshall, CNM, APRN, of Fairview – Paul Larson Clinic about midwifery and what services a midwife can provide during birth and pregnancy. For many women – seeing the two lines or the words ‘pregnant’ […]

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It Takes a Village: How We Chose Milk Donation

“Formula or Breastmilk?” “Is she breastfed?” “Do you nurse or are you pumping?” These three questions are what I’m asked countless times when introducing my youngest to friends, family, coworkers and doctors – every-single-doctor-appointment. I’ve never been one to join in on the conversations or lean far right or left when it comes to how […]

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Baby’s First Playlist

While I was pregnant with my daughter, the song “Take Me to Church” came out. I followed its ride from The Current, to SNL, and eventually to ubiquity. While I was never a huge fan, there was one song on Hozier’s album that stuck with me: “Jackie and Wilson.” We’ll name our children Jackie and Wilson raise […]

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Ignacio (29)

A Mother’s Gestational Carrier Story

In honor of both Infertility Week and Mother's Day, we're presenting the birth story of little Ignacio.  Ignacio was born in early 2016 via gestational carrier. We'd love to introduce you to him, his parents, and his carrying family in this touching photo series of his birthday.  A big "Thank You" to Melissa Hogstad for sharing [...]
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Supermom Has it All… Including Postpartum Depression

Looking at other parents’ Facebook or Instagram feeds may make it seem like they really have it all…  a wonderful marriage, a supportive spouse with a successful job, a beautiful house in the suburbs with a white-picket fence and a big yard for the dog, at least two children (including at least one boy and one girl), and fashionable […]

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