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10 ways you know you're pregnant again

10 Ways You Know You’re Pregnant… Again.

I’m expecting our second child in just a few weeks (ACK!!) and have been getting so uncomfortable. Which is normal. But in comparing notes from my first full pregnancy, I’m convinced: subsequent pregnancies are really, really hard. It seems that everything is just bigger, more noticeable and more pronounced (everything – not just my tummy!). […]

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Surviving the First Trimester

A few weeks ago we announced to our family and friends that we’re expecting our fourth baby. Come September, we’ll have four kids under three! It will be crazy, but goodness I also know it’s gonna be so fun to have them close in age. We always hoped to have four kids, and since we had two at once, my […]

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I didn't like my baby

I Didn’t Like My Baby When I Met Him

I have a confession to make. It is deep and ugly and I don’t like admitting it. But as the secret’s one year anniversary draws near, I keep thinking about it. About how I wish it wasn’t true, how I wish I could have a do-over, another shot at it, one last try. But I […]

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On Transitioning to Two

In about 9 weeks, we’ll be welcoming a second little baby into our family! This pregnancy has been so very different than my first, and not in very good ways. I’ve been sick nearly the entire time, am much bigger than I was with my son, and am crazy exhausted (which I’m sure a certain […]

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When Your Friend Loses Her Baby

I vividly remember the first time one of my friends had a miscarriage.  We were sitting across from each other having lunch and she just said it, “So, we had a miscarriage.”  I also remember not having a clue about what to say.  I hadn’t even been pregnant yet, how could I understand or support […]

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