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What is Montessori?

{Disclosure: Twin Cities Moms Blog has partnered with Step by Step Montessori for this sponsored post to help bring awareness to Montessori and exactly what that means.} Your neighbor’s down the street send their child to a Montessori school and if you’re like Mont-a-what, allow me to explain what is [and what isn’t] Montessori education. […]

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A Lazy Mom’s Guide to Kindergarten Readiness

I used to be a good teacher. Until I got my own kid. I also used to be really good at telling parents what they should and shouldn’t do to help their child be ready for that first day of Kindergarten. And maybe a little too quick to judge when they weren’t following my seemingly realistic […]

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2016 Guide to Twin Cities Summer Camps

{Disclosure: This is our 2016 guide to Twin Cities Summer Camps. We’re proud to share these with you, including this year’s featured summer camp sponsors along with our team’s favorites from around the Twin Cities. Please contact emily {at} twincitiesmomsblog {dot} com for more information.} Minnehaha Academy Summer Programs Locations: Minnehaha Academy Upper School Address: 3100 West River Parkway, Minneapolis, […]

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National Nutrition Month®: Savor the Flavor for Eating Right

March is National Nutrition Month®. Each year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics launches a themed campaign focused on educating the public on healthy eating. The theme for 2016 is Savor the Flavor for Eating Right.  Most of us know that what we eat is important- but how, why, when and where we eat are equally important! Eating right means enjoying food traditions and appreciating the pleasures, great flavors and social […]

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The One Thing I Can Always Do

It took about thirty minutes of being a new mom to realize life with a child doesn’t always look like a rising progression of wonderful, rewarding achievements. Sometimes it looks like sweet, peaceful bliss. Yet, other times my spirit and home seem to have been blindsided by a gut-wrenching tempest, resulting in me feeling like […]

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Top Seven Tips to Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

{Disclosure: We’re excited to be partnering with Minnehaha Academy to bring you these tips on how to prepare your little one for Kindergarten!} “How can I help my child be ready for kindergarten?” is a question that we hear frequently from parents. We all want our children to be successful in school, and we’ve compiled […]

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Bloomington, United States - June 23, 2014: The entrance to the Mall of America. The Mall of America (MoA) is a shopping mall owned by the Triple Five Group.

Mall of America: Free Fun for Kids!

I probably take my kids on adventures about 2-3 times each week, especially during these long Minnesota winters. Makes me sounds like I’m Super Mom, right?! But here’s my secret… I’m lazy. Yep. No shame in my parenting game! If we stay home, three things always explode: Toys. Crumbs. Emotions. and in turn, my sanity. So […]

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