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Summer is Coming: This Mom’s Guide to Survival

When the frigid months of March and April seem unending, I warm myself with the knowledge that summer is coming.  When it’s so cold out my nose hairs freeze, I imagine sipping tea on the deck while my children make daisy chains and look at caterpillars in the yard. This is how I will myself […]

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In Defense Of Extra Curricular Activities

In my experience there are two camps. Well, at least two that are worth talking about here. There is the camp of parents who absolutely refuse to schedule any after school activities for their children. Their feather’s bristle at the mere mention of “calendar,” “schedule,” or “registration fees.” Their mantra is let kids be kids. […]

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Guide to Twin Cities Farmers’ Markets

It’s that time of year again – the time of year that gets us all through those long winters.  Along with the beautiful weather comes the Farmers’ Markets and they’re not just in the city.  There a plenty around the metro and one in your area.  Check out our list to find one near you! […]

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In the Swimsuit Category

“Please Nana.” “Yes, pleeeeeeeeeeese Nana, come swimming with us!” Tatum and Turner looked up at me with big pleading eyes. Eyes full of love and anticipation. It was the love part that got me. But in reality, how could I? I’m a sixty-something grandmother with a body that hasn’t gotten any better in the last […]

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Summer Salads

Summer is in full bloom, friends.  And if you ask me, there is no better way to celebrate than with a fresh, light, refreshing salad. This Summer Cherry and Prosciutto Salad is one of our favorites these days…the sweet cherries, tart goat cheese and salty, crispy proscuitto make the perfect team.  It makes a wonderful […]

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family canoe

Cabin Fever

We marked the first official day of summer this past weekend and I couldn’t be more excited.  I have cabin fever!  That phrase “cabin fever” usually refers to the cooped up feeling when you’ve been indoors too long, but for me, right now, it represents my excitement to spend time at our family cabin this […]

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