Solutions to a Sultry Summer

Technically, ladies, we are in the midst of the dog days of summer. And even though we are not necessarily experiencing a swath of hot summer weather, I would still like to give you a few solutions and ideas of trends to try to break you out of a summer rut, if there were ever such a thing.

1. Issue: I’m so hot, I want to chop off all of my hair.

Solution: Be stylish and wear your hair in a Top Knot or go for a Boho look with a fun headband. I so wish that my hair was long enough to rock a top knot, but for those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at my cute little model Tatum. This look is so on trend that I would argue that it is office appropriate too.

Solutions to a Sultry Summer | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Solutions to a Sultry Summer | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The boho option is for those of us with slightly shorter hair. Start by placing the headband over the top of your hair and simply tuck the ends of your hair into the headband. You can even switch it up by gathering your ends like you would if you were pulling your hair into a pony, and then tuck the hair into the back of the headband. I would love to see your summer hair selfie, so make sure to tag #tcmb with any of your looks.

2. Issue: I’m tired of my summer wardrobe.

Solution: Try a piece of statement jewelry. I will often be seen in full on black with a big, bold necklace. You don’t need to spend tons of money either to get this look. Between Target and fun shopping sites like Jane, Groop Dealz and Simple Addiction, you can find pieces for all budgets. If you’ve never heard of these daily boutique deal websites, well you are welcome…and I’m sorry. Check out my collection – some pieces were less than $10.

Solutions to a Sultry Summer | Twin Cities Moms Blog

3. Issue: I have no summer trips planed and no hook up for a lake cabin.

Solution: Stay local and enjoy the city. This is maybe a really simple solution to this issue, but seriously – see if you can embrace an entire day that focuses on shopping local. Spend your weekend morning at a Farmers’ Market, head out to a local brewery and enjoy a fabulous taproom with possible snacks from a food truck, or simply head over to Grand Avenue in St. Paul or 50th & France in Edina and walk thru some of the local businesses.

Solutions to a Sultry Summer | Twin Cities Moms Blog

4. Issue: There is no new TV to keep me entertained at night.

Solution: Read the book before seeing the movie. So you’ve maybe already read Gone Girl or skipped straight to the movie theater to see The Fault in Our Stars, but did you know that there are still plenty of great opportunities to read the book before it becomes movie? Check out the selection that I found here. Or if you are like me and behind in both reading books and watching movies, you will definitely appreciate this list on BuzzFeed.

5. Issue: It’s July and my skin looks the same as it did in January.

Solution: Buy some self-tanner. And don’t opt for the most ridiculously expensive option. My favorite is Jergen’s Natural Glow. It is almost foolproof and very gradual…just make sure to wash the palms of your hands after application.

So that’s it! Enjoy what I would arguably say are the very best months in Minnesota!

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  1. Honja July 31, 2014 at 10:23 PM #

    “you are welcome…and I’m sorry” made me laugh out loud. I fully understand. Fun tips!

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