10 Reasons Why Your Marriage Needs A Vacation

10 Reasons Why Your Marriage Needs A Vacation | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My husband and I are celebrating 13 years of marriage this year.

Thirteen years. Graduating college. Four kids. Nine moves, three of those international. Add job changes in there and business start ups. Along with kids’ activities etc.  And whoa. Life has been busy, happy, fun and full.

And exhausting.

My husband and I are a pretty good team. Together we can withstand a whole lot of stress and chaos.

But a break from all that can not only be good for our marriage, but also necessary. I was reminded of that recently when we were able to get away together for a few days.

Ten Reasons Why Your Marriage Needs a Vacation

  1. A break from the regular can open your eyes to see your spouse. I mean really see him. Sometimes amongst the chaos it is easy to be blinded from your husband’s awesome qualities. This past trip I was reminded of how sweet and caring my husband is. On our flight, he made an extra effort to help an elderly passenger take down her suitcase, without her even asking. I fell. in. love. all. over. again.
  2. On vacation you get time to talk and get to know each other better without any distractions from littles constantly interrupting because that’s how littles are hardwired…to interrupt all. the. time. It is amazing to be able to finish your thoughts with each other. And have multiple long conversations at one sitting.
  3. And long conversations often lead to reminiscing about all the  years past. We spent a lot of time talking about the challenges we have overcome and remembering all the sweet moments our marriage brought us. We also laughed a lot. We were reminded of just how much we have to be thankful for.
  4. On vacation you can hug, kiss, and HOLD HANDS  AS MUCH AS YOU WANT without being torn apart. This is huge for me. Often when we are at home together, we are without fail separated by a kid or two. It is as if they have a radar that goes off when we get one inch from each other. They squeeze in-between us, grab our hands, and demand their own kisses.
  5. Going away for a few days allows you to leave the stressors from your work or job at home and more time to just relax and focus on each other.
  6. You can sleep in a King sized bed, side by side without a foot in your face.
  7. You can eat fancy food without feeling guilty that your kids refuse to touch crab legs or anything that has fish in it, on it, or around it. You can also eat that fancy food at midnight or in the middle of the day. It doesn’t matter because your schedule doesn’t revolve around little stomachs or bedtimes.
  8. A vacation may mean long periods of silence. Absolute silence. And it’s ok because you are reminded that silence is so good, and you are comfortable together without anything being said.
  9. A marriage needs fun. And a vacation allows that, whether it be people watching on the beach (yes we are boring), or being adventurous and bungie jumping (no we didnt do that!).
  10. After vacation, after unloading your sandy suitcases and returning back to real life, you come back feeling refreshed and ready to embrace it all together again.
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