2018: The Year of Dumb Goals

2018: The Year of Dumb Goals | Twin Cities Moms Blog{Photo credit: Haley Powers}

Welcome to 2018! It’s a new year, and with it comes new goals and ambitions. While New Year’s resolutions are a bit cliché, I like them because they give me the motivation for a restart. 

But keeping resolutions is HARD. If only we had an extra hour a day, a personal chef, a live-in housekeeper or a chauffeur service. THEN the thought of keeping New Year’s resolutions would be less daunting to us moms.

Introducing DUUMB goals

Setting goals is nothing new for most of us. The concept of SMART goals has been pounded into our heads ad nauseam. But for the moms of the Twin Cities, I’m introducing something new. The dumb goal. 

Using the acronym DUUMB, these goals take into account the realities of parenthood and offer moms guidance for how to make the time to pursue to the things we’ve always wanted to do. But it’s also realistic to the demands of our lives.

My DUUMB goals

When my son was an infant, I assumed that my personal goals would have to be put on hold – for 18 years. But as he got older, the desire to make time for myself became less of a wish and more of a necessity. 

Last year I decided to be more intentional about tackling my personal ambitions. I started with the nagging thoughts – the “I really should…” goals. Since I wanted my goals to also be fun, I also created goals focused on my “I’ve always wanted to…” dreams. Some of my ambitions for 2017 included running my first 10k, starting piano lessons, joining a family Bible study, and putting photos into a Shutterfly book. 

2018: The Year of Dumb Goals | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My goal success was mixed in 2017. Some goals, like my running challenge, I crushed. Other goals, like my dream of learning piano, weren’t as doable as I thought. Even though I had mixed levels of success last year, I learned a lot about the realities of goal setting as a mom. These insights led to the creation of DUUMB goals.

A mom’s guide to DUUMB goals

Are you ready to rock your goals in 2018? My friends, I introduce to you DUUMB goals:  

Document your goals. Why is it so hard to actually DO this little step? Writing down our goals requires us to put framework around our ambitions. What exactly do you want to accomplish? How will you get there? By what day? How will you know if you are successful? The answers to these difficult questions will form the foundation for your success.

Uncover your why. Dig deep and determine the true reason behind your desire to pursue your goal. Do you want to improve yourself, impress others, inspire your kids? Whatever the reason, be honest with yourself. This is your why, and it will serve as your motivator when you want to give up. 

Understand your current reality. Dream big but set small goals. Set yourself up for success by starting with goals that fit into your current lifestyle. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone while also being realistic. Starting small will earn you quick wins that will give you the confidence and enthusiasm to keep pushing forward.  

Match up with a partner. A partner can help you stay on track when life gets busy, work gets stressful and your kids suck up all your energy. This person will remind you why you started and give you tough love when you make excuses. The best partners share your passion for the goal and understand the unique challenges that go along with it. 

Be nice to yourself. Change is always hard, so give yourself some grace. Adopting a new habit or quitting an old indulgence requires patience and persistence. Expect setbacks and don’t beat yourself up when they happen. Instead focus on how you’ll get back on track. Pursuing goals is about making progress, not being perfect. 

Investing in you

At the end of the day, pursuing your goals is about investing in yourself. Yes, accomplishing a goal is pretty awesome. But the true reward is watching yourself become a better version of you. Even if you don’t accomplish your goals, there’s beauty in making progress – in shifting how you think, how you spend your time and how you perceive challenges. Goals remind us moms that we are a worthy investment, and that’s more powerful than accomplishing any goal. 

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2018? Share your DUUMB goals below. I can’t wait to hear how moms of the Twin Cities are going to take 2018 by storm!  

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