7 Out of the {Toy} Box Gift Ideas

7 Out of the {Toy} Box Gift Ideas | Twin Cities Moms Blog


My arch nemesis. I’m constantly stepping on them, changing batteries, and picking them up. Plus, they keep multiplying like rabbits! We get rid of one and two more pop up in its place! We are up to our ears in toys! Please, NO MORE TOYS!

That’s why this year we are 1. getting rid of lots of toys and 2. going as minimal as possible this Christmas. My daughter wants two things–a tiny stuffed Lambie from Doc McStuffins and a tiny couch for dolls. Together they cost a whopping $20. My sister is buying her the Lambie and asked what else she could buy her since it was so cheap. NOTHING. Don’t buy stuff because you’ve got extra money in the budget. Just buy the right stuff.

But we are SO BLESSED with not only aunts, uncles, and grandparents who buy our kids gifts, we also have GREAT aunts and uncles and GREAT grandparents who buy them gifts! And although I can’t express how amazing it is to know our kids are so bathed in love from family, sometimes the gifts at Christmas can be excessive. Luckily, we get lots of books and clothes to balance it out! When we do have family ask what they could get for our kids, we tell them some of our favorite non-toy items:

  1. Events–My daughter daily asks, “Where are we going today, Mommy?” She loves adventures! Some of our favorites are trips to the zoo, museums, movie theater, bowling, indoor park, and more. An event makes a great gift!
  2. Classes/ECFE–Similar to an event, but a reoccurring one! Swim lessons, music lessons, dance lessons can all be great gift ideas. Don’t forget about ECFE and all the class options they offer too!
  3. Audiobooks–One of the few things that can stop the constant chatter! We originally only had them for long car rides, but then she requested them for short car rides too, and eventually she wanted to listen to them during her quiet times (in place of a nap time). 
  4. Board Games/Puzzles–Family Game Night is huge in our house (click on the link for our favorite games)! The fun of a simple game coupled with quality time makes for an incredible gift!
  5. Craft Supplies–There’s something magical about a new box of crayons. I remember having countless crayons growing up, but a new box with freshly sharpened tips and wrappers still intact was so special! Crayola makes so many different art products, and many are mess-free!
  6. Activity Video–One of the best gifts we gave our daughter last year was an exercise video! I bought it thinking it’d be a great way to burn some energy during the long winter months, and it was. In fact, she stills asks for it! There are also dance videos too.
  7. College–Put money in savings towards college. Boring, yes, but it’ll cut down on the time it takes to clean up all the toys!
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