The Power of Women

As moms, we all know how important the ones closest to us are. We want to see them succeed and achieve all their dreams. Our partners at Kelley Burnett and Associates of American Family share how they can help protect those dreams by allowing you to live fearlessly in pursuit of all life has to offer.

The power women have in the workplace, at home, and in the world is often a topic of great discussion and debate. We can have it all one day. We can’t have it all the next. Then a month later there is no real way to even define what “having it all” actually means. We are often expected to lean in, lean out, run away, and dive in–all at the same time. Not surprisingly, it gets confusing in a hurry. And to make things even murkier, occasionally people will intentionally toss a metaphorical grenade into the conversation as a way to distract us from the truth we as women have always known to be true – that women supporting women is our greatest superpower.

When women work together great things can and do happen. Children are nurtured, employees are supported, communities are united, and people, in general, feel a sense of peace when they are encouraged, and uplifted, by women. As daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, grandmothers, aunties, teachers, friends, and companions—women fill all the roles necessary in society and check all the boxes on the application for adulthood.

And when we have each other’s backs, well, that is when we know things are gonna work out.

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As an insurance agency staffed entirely by women, Kelley Burnett and Associates of American Family is fully aware of the power of women. We see the strengths women bring to the table on a daily basis. We celebrate the ideas women create together and by themselves when part of a real team. And we fully celebrate each other’s goals and accomplishments.

We do all of this because we are surrounded by generations of strong powerful women. With eight employees, and one recently retired after 15 years in the field, we need look no further for inspiration–for we are WONDERful WOMEN. Two grandmothers, three newlyweds, eight of us married, with one independent single woman (oh, to be young and single again). Together we have raised, or are raising 14 children–8 boys and 6 girls, and have welcomed 6 grandchildren. Over 114 years of combined work experience, and a whopping 362+ years of LIFE experience.

Some of us have given birth, some have buried parents, grandparents, and siblings. All of us have navigated our fair share of storms. We have diplomas from at least 8 different universities. Our work experiences are so vast we’d need to write a book to discuss it all. A musician, a writer, a business owner, a social worker … the list could go on forever.

American Family | Twin Cities Moms Blog

While insurance is not known as the most interesting or exciting business, everyone in our office is trained, and more importantly licensed, so that we can bring the right amount of bling to a boring subject. It is our mission to provide our customers with the knowledge necessary to make the right decisions regarding their home, auto, life and commercial insurance needs. We would never want to sell something to someone that they do not need. We take a consultative approach with our clients because that is how we like to be treated by the professionals in our lives who we seek advice from.

At Kelley Burnett and Associates we celebrate families, all families. And as our corporate campaign says, we insure dreams–and remind our clients to dream fearlessly. If you have a dream, we want to help you protect it. Whether it be a dream house you have been sketching in your mind since before you learned to read. Or a dream car you only recently decided you couldn’t live without. Maybe a small business you and your BFF finally decided to launch. Or the very lives of the loved ones you cherish in a way no one can possibly understand. For all of this, and so much more, the women in our office have decided to work together, and dedicate their days to helping others navigate a sometimes confusing, but always important business. We are not selling insurance, so much as selling experience and customer service.

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To all you WONDERful WOMEN and SUPER MOMS out there, get your capes on (I’m pretty sure someone here could make one). Keep ruling the world with your perfect combination of strength and empathy. ROAR!!!! Lean in today, dive in tomorrow, just do what feels right. Then call us whenever you find yourself with insurance questions you are not quite sure how to answer. It is our greatest pleasure to help other women succeed and to protect all of our beautiful DREAMS.

The offices of American Family Insurance: Burnett & Associates are located at 7301 Ohms Lane, Suite 300, Edina, MN 55439. You can also call their agency at 952.933.8495 for more information!

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  1. Lori Peterson July 19, 2018 at 7:10 AM #

    You are an inspiring team…individually and collectively! I admire ALL of your accomplishments and desires in AND out of the office…what a force you are!!

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