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Have You Childproofed Your Career?

Your first born is on their way. In your excitement, you prepare your home with care. Many meticulous hours on Pinterest and Etsy combine to create the cutest and most welcoming environment. You crowd source non-toxic diaper cream, change your diet and spend months immersed in mom’s groups on how to blissfully bond with your […]

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Tired of Sleepless Nights? Call the Consultant

A chronic lack of sleep, that is when you have crossed the threshold into parenthood. From the minute your precious little one arrives the deprivation begins and for many, sleep remains elusive well into preschool. While in the hospital, mothers are drilled by lactation consultants on latch, positioning and nipple confusion. The pediatrician signs off […]

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A Spring Clean to Clean Less | Twin Cities Moms Blog

A Spring Clean to Clean Less

While growing up on the rolling prairie of western North Dakota my mom had a militant abidance toward a clean household. Country living is a never-ending cycle of sweeping; the wind-driven dust was always finding its way indoors. Raising six kids meant that the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher hummed without ceasing. Thus, an embroidered […]

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Rear view of two young girls (sisters) running down a rural gravel driveway. The younger sister is on the left and has curly red hair. The older sister is on the right and has curly blonde hair. Grandpa can be seen standing up ahead of them in the distance waiting for them to catch up.

3 Parenting Philosophies Perfected by Rural America

My folks grew up in rural America. Together they raised six kids and promptly booted them into independent adulthood upon graduation from high school. They parented us with an effortless and prescriptive touch that was practically paranormal. Their technique endures as elusive content for tales of folklore. Shortly after I became a mother, I found […]

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If You Give Your Child a Banana

If you give your child a banana, chances are that someday soon they will ask for another. If your child is preferential to consistency, like mine, their daily banana will become routine. If you are running solo on getting ready for the work day in the morning, like me, the banana became my safety blanket […]

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Brother and Sister

A Place Setting for a Traveling Toddler Thanksgiving

You climb into your vehicle. The kids are strapped in and you are praying that they sleep for at least half of your four-hour journey. As you back out of the driveway, a feeling of fear and unease washes over. “PLEASE let this day go well,” you tell yourself. In a flash, you wish you […]

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By the Light of the Baby Monitor Moon

Since his birth, I have curled up with him in our rocking chair. Hours – too numerous to count – have been consumed coupled in wonder and frustration. His first smiles and giggles, the frequent protests in refusal to sleep. Together we watched each other cry, a silent exchange of understood perception. We experienced a […]

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