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Coping With Colic

On Coping with Colic

This post is completely my opinion. I am not a medical professional, just a mama with a formerly colicky baby, sharing our experience. Always check with your doctor before giving your baby any medicine, changing routines, etc. What worked for us may or may not work for you and your baby – this is just […]

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10 ways you know you're pregnant again

10 Ways You Know You’re Pregnant… Again.

I’m expecting our second child in just a few weeks (ACK!!) and have been getting so uncomfortable. Which is normal. But in comparing notes from my first full pregnancy, I’m convinced: subsequent pregnancies are really, really hard. It seems that everything is just bigger, more noticeable and more pronounced (everything – not just my tummy!). […]

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On Transitioning to Two

In about 9 weeks, we’ll be welcoming a second little baby into our family! This pregnancy has been so very different than my first, and not in very good ways. I’ve been sick nearly the entire time, am much bigger than I was with my son, and am crazy exhausted (which I’m sure a certain […]

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On Puppies and Being Loved Intensely

The day my son was born, just over two years ago, his brand-new daddy made a run to the hospital gift shop. He returned with a small yellow puppy stuffed animal that looked very much like our beloved golden retriever at home. That little puppy was placed in the bassinet with our tiny little boy, […]

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Sam note

on Days Like Today {which was one of THOSE days}

To the mama who has just had one of those days: Today, my two year old did not take a nap. Oh, he was in his crib for three hours, but not sleeping. He alternated between wailing, playing, reading, and yelling, ‘Mommy! Out!’. I changed his diaper twice, refilled his bottle once, retrieved his puppy […]

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