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Getting Outside Was The Best Change For Our Mornings

On school days, there are three solid hours from the time my three kids wake up to the time we leave the house to bring my oldest son to school. Three hours is a long time to wait to feel like you really get your day started. It’s not a long time because we’re bored though. […]

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A Beautiful Chaos

My extended family usually celebrates Christmas in southern Minnesota on my aunt and uncle’s turkey farm in the same small town my dad grew up in. The farmhouse is big and spacious, sitting between a long gravel road and fields that seem to go on for miles. My aunt is a great cook, and with […]

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What Color Was Your First Bike?

My first bike was pink. Light pink. It had a white seat and white plastic covering the handlebars. My Dad taught me how to ride that bike on a summer afternoon on our street in Richfield, Minnesota when I was three years old. I don’t remember much from that afternoon, but I imagine that freeing […]

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