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Professional Development for the Independent Toddler

We all know parenting is a full-time job. I’m not trying to fight this. I accept the challenges of raising my small, screamy human – along with the challenges of maintaining my household, nurturing my marriage, advancing my career, keeping my dog, cat, and house plants alive (just kidding, all the plants are dead), cultivating […]

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Marriage Advice from an Old Crone

HAPPY MARRIAGE! Everyone always says congratulations on your wedding, but that’s not really the point. The point is that you two brilliant humans found your ride or die partner in crime. So yay wedding, but YAY MARRIAGE. It’s a big journey, but a good one. So stay vulnerable. Love despite faults. Be happy when your […]

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10 Questionable Parenting Tips from a First-Time Mom

I’m a first-time mom. Aside from some furry children, I only have one kid of my own. So while I often feel like more of a third-time mom (regularly finding pacifiers in my work bag, refusing to pay full price for any kids clothes ever, and an almost alarmingly cavalier approach toward safety and cleanliness), […]

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Thriving Through a Layoff: Toddler Teachable Moments

DAY 3 My 16-month old knows something is wrong. She’s right, but how can she possibly know that? DAY 1 12:38 pm – I’m called into a conference room with two of my colleagues, and there’s a box of tissues on the table. My breath catches in my chest as I hear things like “restructuring” […]

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Natural Deodorant Guide | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I Know You’d Like to Think Your Pits Don’t Stink – A Summer Guide to Natural Deodorant

I am a sweaty little human being – I run hot, and once I overheat it’s a runaway train of sweat and stink. So while most people think of Minnesota summers and conjure images of lakes, rooftop patios, and picnics, I think of the crescent-shaped sweat stains my butt leaves behind, desperately seeking clothing for […]

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