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Beat the Winter Itch: Fight Dry Skin with Vanicream

{Disclosure: This post is sponsored by PSI. All opinions are 100% my own.} As Minnesotans, we know dry skin. We know rough, parched hands and tight, itchy post-shower skin. We know scaly, dry patches that appear on the backs of our kids’ arms. We know the horror of brushing our face with a black wool glove […]

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Your Grown Son Won’t Eat His Boogers (and Other Worries You Can Let Go)

Confession: When we left the hospital with our newborn son, I was convinced we were on the road to a royal mess up. How anyone thought we were capable of raising a baby – a living, breathing, completely-dependent-on-us-for-survival person – was insanity. There was so much we didn’t know. So much that could happen. What […]

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Holiday Shopping Made Easy with Creative Kidstuff

Disclosure: We’ve partnered with Creative Kidstuff to tell you about the amazing personal shopping experience they offer. This is a fantastic way to check off your list for your kids all in one place, with someone who knows what kids want, and with a discount, no less!   Every year in November I find myself making the […]

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What not to say to moms of one-2

What Not to Say to a Mom of One

I have one child. It’s not by choice. I would have had more if my eggs had cooperated. Other moms have one child because, well, they chose to have one child. Whether by our own personal choice or biology’s limitations, we find ourselves at the same destination: single child families. And that’s where people have […]

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