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Escaping Versus Resting in our Break Times

Motherhood is amazing, awesome, beautiful, and stupendous. It’s also a lot of really hard, constant work. There are the physical demands, especially with young children: carrying children everywhere, picking all the toys off the floor, changing diapers, and bending over to tie shoelaces. There’s also the emotional demands: dealing with tantrums, sorting through all the […]

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Cropped shot of female hands with book and coffee. Female reading book on bed at night.

Time for Bed, Mama

Ahhh, bedtime. That glorious slice of day when you realize that you’ve made it. Putting the kids to bed is like a quiet victory dance. You don’t want to let them in on the secret that this is an amazing moment, but inside you’re practically screaming with glee. No matter how great the day has […]

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Excuses, Embarrassment, and the Weights We Carry

It was a passing comment, but it weighed a lot. “I wish she wasn’t using a pacifier. She wouldn’t be using one… I mean, I didn’t want her using one, but… well, we ended up needing to.” Almost apologetic, my friend prefaced putting the pacifier in her child’s mouth, giving us the full disclaimer to […]

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