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Britax B-Ready 2017 Review | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller: A Complete Review + STROLLER GIVEAWAY

{Disclosure: We recently partnered with Britax and City Moms Blog Network to learn more about their newest stroller. Britax graciously provided a few members of our team & several local bloggers with the 2017 B-Ready stroller at our #Ready4Anything event. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.} In the past three years, I’ve had two kids and […]

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Baby Helmets and Torticollis

Photo Credit: Michelle Lyn Photography Two months after my first baby was born, she was diagnosed with torticollis. I know, I know… tort-a-whaaat?! Well, chances are if you are a mom with young children, you probably know another mom whose kid has it or has had it and you might not even have known about it. […]

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What I Wish

What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

I felt a bit blindsided by motherhood. I’m just being honest. Judge if you will. But like I said… blindsided. As soon as I found out I was expecting, people started giving me advice. They told me how challenging motherhood was going to be, but quickly followed it up with something like, “but it’s SOOOO worth it.” And they were right. […]

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Motherhood 9

10 Motherhoodisms

The day you become a mother, it’s like you’re automatically inducted into the “mom club.” Life as you know it ends, as you are immersed into the wonderful world of sleepless nights, chubby elbows, and sloppy kisses. It’s overwhelming, wonderful, and downright hard at times. I think we can all agree that motherhood totally changes your perspective. Things […]

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Handprint Ornament 2

DIY Handprint Ornament

Listen, I’m not one of those moms who has an elaborate activity or craft planned out for my kids every day. As a matter of fact, the closest I usually ever get to completing a “kid-friendly” craft that takes any type of pre-planning is pinning it to my “Toddler Activities” board on Pinterest. Luckily, this project didn’t take […]

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To My Second Born

To My Second Born

To My Second Born… In a few short weeks, you will be making an entrance into this world. I know it won’t take long for life as a family of four to feel as natural as can be. As a matter of fact, it will probably be hard to imagine life any differently one day. […]

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