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4 Ways to Support Your Husband as a First-Time Dad

My first four months as a mom were beyond survival mode—more like complete panic. I was so focused on my baby that I couldn’t meet my own physical and emotional needs. My dear husband fell through the cracks of my emotional exhaustion. I couldn’t see through the fog of my own needs to recognize how […]

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The 4 P’s of Prematurity

Last year at this time my husband and I joined a distinct group few voluntarily join. We became preemie parents, more accurately micro-preemie parents, welcoming our daughter into the world fifteen weeks ahead of her due date. As her first birthday nears, I find myself turning inward, contemplating all that has transpired for our family […]

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I’m Sorry: A Man’s Miscarriage Journey

After years of infertility, this story shares a man’s perspective having just completed a first round of IVF. I always thought my wife would wake me, positive pregnancy test in hand. We’d turn into a mush of tears and relief. I held that thought for years, fighting to believe despite month after month of disappointment. But then […]

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Recycle Your Carseat: 56 Minnesota Locations

As if we needed more reasons to love Target, now they’re helping us recycle our carseats. I’ve stood in my garage, looking down at expired carseats before, knowing I’m supposed to get rid of them, but feeling like it’s such a waste. Now through September 11th, you can recycle your expired carseats at 56 participating Target locations. If […]

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Summer Was A Success | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Great Job Mom, Summer was a Success! 4 (Healthy) Ways to Reward Yourself that Don’t Cost a Fortune

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the summer finish line. The kiddos are headed back to school. Job well done! I have to admit, I’m sad. My kids are at such an awesome age (8 is great, as it turns out), and I don’t really want the summer to ever end. I get teary thinking about […]

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Read, Talk, Sing: Help Boost Your Child’s Brain Power!

We often see parents awestruck by how much their baby learns and grows in that first year of life. A baby actually starts developing communication skills from the moment they’re born. But did you know you can play a significant role in your child’s development with something as simple as reading, talking and singing that will positively impact […]

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