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Hey Moms, Let’s Watch Our Language

These days we have unprecedented windows into each other’s family lives. I see Instagram posts of happy families playing board games and tromping through apple orchards. I marvel at elaborate birthday cakes and intricate Halloween costumes splashed across my Facebook feed. And I drool over creative chore charts and organized food pantries on Pinterest. I’ve mused […]

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Are Your Kids Good Neighbors?

When my kids were younger, they were fascinated with our neighbors. A dear couple of working professionals enthusiastically listened to my daughter’s chatter over the fence on a daily basis. An elderly couple behind us piled our kids with rhubarb, apples and other garden fare. A young playmate lived next door. And everyone’s favorite babysitter lived […]

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Three Surprising Benefits of Reading to Your Children

{Disclosure: We are thrilled to partner with Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to share helpful information about early childhood development for children ages zero to three. A host of additional early childhood resources are available on the Children’s website.} My first-born child was a preschool prodigy. Ok maybe not. But thanks to my diligent employment […]

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Let’s Talk About Ticks

When I was growing up, tick removal was fun for the whole family. If a tick was discovered on any of my siblings or cousins, everyone would gather around to watch a capable adult extract it. I witnessed various methods employed to accomplish the feat of tick detachment: Vaseline, ice, tweezers, and a family favorite […]

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