The Balancing Act: No Regrets

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how much I do on a day to day basis. I’m one of those people who wants to be constantly busy. Maybe it is because I start overthinking things if I have too much time on my hands, or as my husband would say, “You just can’t say no.” Maybe a little bit of both?

I’m a big advocate of finding a balance in everything. Priority will always be my kids and my husband, but I also want to make sure I find time for myself, time to be social and time to give back to the community. This is why I have chosen to have the career that I have with work travel, join the committees I do for the school district and for non-profits I enjoy working with, and volunteer at school and in the community whenever I get the chance.

I’ll be honest, it takes a lot of planning with my already busy schedule, but I do it and I find the time to spend with my kids too.

If it makes you happy, find the time to make it work. No regrets, I don’t want to look back years later and think I should, coulda, woulda.

Granted, there are days, especially weekends, where I just want to stay home and do nothing. I still do that every once in awhile, but the weekends are normally busy for my husband for his business, so I have started to take that time to spend it with my kids and try and get out of the house when it works out.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of years. At first, it was daunting. Just me and my three boys (a five-year old and three-year old twins at the time). I feel overwhelmed still thinking about that. I started small, a quick trip to Target or to the park if it was nice out. Outside of the looks from strangers (smiles and surprised faces), I survived! I thought to myself, “YES, that wasn’t so bad. I can do this.”

The Balancing Act: No Regrets | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Next up was taking them to a restaurant, OH MY. There have been some instances where I thought to myself, “What am I thinking?” But as stressful as it can be, I’m making memories with the little ones I won’t forget. I’ve begun to look forward to my Saturdays with the boys and planning outings for us. Yes, my husband gets jealous, but hey what can I say? I plan fun things!

The Balancing Act: No Regrets | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Museums, malls, parks, swimming and more… a short trip outside is even something my boys and I look forward to. Even if it’s been a tiring week, I enjoy having my Saturday planned with my little ones. Maybe I’m enjoying it more than them at times, but I love to see the smiles, and these are the days I look forward to spoiling them.

I used to get overwhelmed in early motherhood thinking I wouldn’t be able to do it all, have time to be successful in my career, be social, give back to the community and still have quality time with my family. There’s just not enough hours in my day, my week, my lifetime.

I’ve learned you need to take it one day at a time. I’ve learned to balance, and in my opinion, have it all. What I have to say to life? Bring it on because I’m ready for whatever you want to throw at me. I’ve become confident in myself and my abilities and will never tell myself I can’t.

Maybe balance means something different to you, but whatever your definition is, work towards it, change it, don’t ever think you can’t.

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