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I LOVE my mom friends! I have a handful of close friends who are also moms and honestly, I don’t think I could survive parenting without them. They are my sanity keepers, my therapists, my voices of reason, my band of mothers. Although my husband is a rock star and I can’t praise him enough for being an awesome dad, he doesn’t know. He just doesn’t know what it’s like to be a mom. But my mom friends know. They’re going through the exact same things I am, trying to keep their sanity, manage the house, and, oh yeah, keep the kids alive and in one piece.


I feel like there’s a certain pressure as moms to seem like you’ve not only got it together, but that you are also Super Mom–that you love Every. Single. Minute. with your kids, take them to fun places everyday, your house is immaculate, laundry is clean and put away, not only is your hair and makeup on point, or fleek, or whatever the kids are saying these days, but your nails are freshly painted, too.


But those inner circle mom friends know the truth. They’ve received text messages saying, “I’m going to lose it!” “Is Daddy home yet?” “I just found a crayon mural on the hallway wall…” “Pretty sure today is where grey hair comes from.” “Seriously, where is Daddy?!?!” They don’t judge if there are still crumbs on the kitchen floor or toys EVERYWHERE or shoes piled by the front door. They don’t care if there are Cheerios in your hair or if the closest thing to makeup on your face is smeared prunes… or is that poop? Mom friends care about YOU, “But how are YOU doing? Do you need anything? Can I bring you a coffee? Or maybe wine?!” They encourage you, “She’s being really naughty today, but you’re a good mom! Hang in there! You are doing a great job!” But most importantly, they laugh with you. They laugh away the insanity that was creeping up on you, the tears that were pooling in your eyes, and the frustration clenching your jaw. For the love of God, we HAVE to laugh more as moms!

Band of Mothers | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Unfortunately, not all moms have that support and encouragement in their lives. So many moms don’t live by their families and close friends, but they still need that locally. Our Twin Cities Moms Blog Neighborhood Groups provide a way for moms living in the same areas to connect with each other by attending monthly Moms Night Out events and play dates, by asking for advice about the best local preschools, swim classes, strollers, toddler beds, etc., and connect by finding out about events happening in your communities. Our groups are run by an amazing volunteer team of “Mombassadors!” Because of their hard work, our groups are completely FREE.

So why am I telling you this? Because you need a mom friend sending you a pic of their kid with a permanent marker beard, or riding their sibling like a horse, or their husband wearing a tutu attending a tea party of their very proud 3-year old. You need a mom friend who can build you back up when motherhood has torn you down. Because all moms desperately need that village of mom friends, that band of mothers.

Find your Neighborhood Group HERE:

Band of Mothers | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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