Because It Is Worth It….

Because It Is Worth It.... | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Waking up in the middle of the night to feed you is worth it because I get to provide you nourishment for your growing body.

Rocking you back and forth for over an hour to get you to go back to sleep is worth it as I get to cuddle you in my arms and comfort you.

Spending 10 minutes looking for your lost shoe so you can go outside is worth it because I get to see you run and play with your friends.

Disciplining you when you get in trouble is worth it because it teaches you the difference between right and wrong.

Looking around and seeing how loud and messy our house is with kids running around is worth it because it reminds me how full of life our house is.

Spending an hour at night working on homework with you is worth it as I get to see you learn new things.

When you call out from your room for the 10th time saying that you are scared and want me to come and give you just one more hug is worth it as I know 20 years from now you will be living on your own and I will no longer get to hug you every night.

Letting you jump in the puddles after a rain storm knowing the mess I will have to clean up is worth it to see your smile and listen to your giggles as you splash away.

Tearing the house apart before bed time because you can’t sleep without your favorite stuffed animal is worth it when I check on you during the night and see you cuddled up with it sleeping so peacefully.

Spending hours packing for a family trip is worth it because I get to see your eyes light up with every new adventure and I get to enjoy the special time we have together.

Being a mom is hard work. Wait, let me rephrase that. Being a mom is hands-down the hardest thing I have ever done. But you know what? It is also the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Sometimes when I am in the thick of parenting, I sometimes think to myself, “Is this worth it?” But once things settle down and the fog clears, a smile appears on my face and I think to myself, “Oh mama, it is oh so worth it!”

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