Gettin’ Clean With Boulder Clean

We’ve welcomed Boulder Cleaners to our ever-growing family of partnerships. Let our writers Airika and Annie share their first-hand experiences with this new environmentally safe, all-natural company’s products (All opinions are 100% their own) 

Confession: I don’t like washing the dishes.
Full Confession: I leave the dishes for my husband as often as possible.

Gettin' Clean With Boulder Cleaners | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Which means it takes a pretty good product to get my lazy hands to the sink.

First things first, let’s start with the scent. When you’re a reluctant dishwasher, like myself, smell is vitally important. Boulder’s Valencia Orange Dishwashing Liquid has a nice fresh, citrus scent. It’s not a whisk me away to a “highly prefumed island” or a “let’s pretend that fish don’t live in the ocean” scent. It smells like the orange I should have eaten for lunch instead of leftover mac and cheese.

After I got done smelling Boulder’s dish soap, I actually tried using it. For that reason alone it’s now my husband’s favorite cleaning product. By using it, I mean tackling the grossest dishes that no one believes the dishwasher can handle. You know the ones: dried oatmeal, slow-cooker residue, mac & cheese grease. I scrubbed them down and I have to say, I was impressed. Usually, when the package says “no, no, no…” to all the harmful chemicals it should also say “no, no, no…” to effectiveness. This dish soap made lots of suds, which unscientifically led me to conclude our dishes were very clean. Indeed they were clean.

Two bonus points for Boulder’s Orange Valencia Dishwashing Liquid:

  1. It’s available in a three pack at Sam’s Club which is great because just like washing dishes, frequent trips to the store are low on the list of things I like to do.
  2. The excellent bubbles make for a fun sensory bin filler. At least that’s what I call it when I give my kids each their own little basin with dirty dishes in it. If you too want to share these fun bubbles with your children, just add a bit of the soap to a cup of water in a blender and then mix until you have enough bubbles.

Gettin' Clean With Boulder Cleaners | Twin Cities Moms Blog


I’m pretty particular about my cleaning products. They have to be chemical-free, gentle, preferably plant-based, smell refreshing (or not at all) and actually work. Like, work so well that my effort can be relatively minimal for the performance of the product.

One of my new year’s resolutions this year is to make sure all the dishes in the sink are done every night before going to bed. Ambitious, I know, and frankly more aspirational than a reality.

So I got some new dish soap to mark the occasion – Boulder Cleaner’s Orange Valencia Dishwashing Liquid. It should be mentioned here that I’m not known in my house as being the best dish washer. A time or two I have left some niblets on a serving plate or some crusties on a pan. I blame my speed. This new soap though, so far so good. It’s first task was a pan (left overnight, admittedly, oops) that my partner baked salmon in. It was good and yucky. But bam, I got it clean in no time.

It smells so good, without anything harmful in it. I even use it to wash the baby bottles. And sometimes the baby when he has a huge blow out and it’s just easier to throw him in the kitchen sink!

Gettin' Clean with Boulder Cleaners | Twin Cities Moms Blog


Boulder Clean is giving away a 3-Pack of their Natural Liquid Dish Soap so that one lucky winner can try it PLUS a $40 gift card to use at Sam’s Club and stock up on Boulder’s dish soap (if you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership, no worries, it will also work at Wal-Mart). Enter to win below.

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