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As My Baby Turns One

{Photo credit: Shelly Peters} My littlest turned one recently. While I have been happily celebrating her healthy milestones and trying to snap a photo on the same day each month (with stuffed elephant for scale) to document how much she’s growing and changing, there’s something bittersweet about the day she officially entered toddlerhood. She was […]

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The Two Things I’ve Learned in Two Years of Mommin’

{Photo credit: Markus Reinhardt on flickr (Creative Commons)} I’m pretty sure it’s mama-normal to obsessively pin birthday crepe-cake recipes and search for a helium source for a 3 ½-foot “2” balloon. I also think it’s natural to get kind of weepy and reflective as your tiny human finishes her second trip around the sun. In the past two years, […]

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Cooking Crate Parties: Hands-On Cooking Experiences ​Shipped Directly To You

{Disclosure: We’re more than excited to have partnered with Way Cool Cooking School to share their new product: Cooking Crate Parties. This is an incredible way to bring their highly sought after classes right into your home and build new and treasured memories.} I hope your holidays are off to a fantastic start, I know mine are. […]

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Fun Jumps Entertainment: Energy Burner For All!

{Disclosure: We have partnered together with Fun Jumps Entertainment to bring you this sponsored review of their services. While this post is sponsored, the opinions expressed below are entirely our own.} What’s the secret to a fabulous kid’s party? Inflatables. Kids go crazy for those giant contraptions of fun. Seriously. My three-year-old or five-year-old only […]

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Yes, My Kid was Born on Christmas, and No, I Didn’t Plan That

I didn’t exactly plan for my water to break in my festive footie pajamas after a big Christmas breakfast. But then again, the due date listed on my chart was December 25, so I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised. At my first prenatal appointment, I actually fibbed about the date of my last period […]

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I Think Your Budget is (6)

Pinterest Has It All Wrong

Feeling pressured? Tired? Overworked? Feeling like there’s just not enough time to be the creative Pinterest mom you’re able to be? You and me both. Today, I’m throwing in the reigns, I’m raising the little white flag. Whispering, “Pinterest… I surrender to thee.” You don’t owe your child the Style Me Living Nursery. I blame Etsy and I […]

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