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Do I Love You Enough?

My family is formed through both adoption and birth. We adopted from Ethiopia first, then I gave birth to two more children. My relationship with my oldest daughter is complex because, at the back of my mind, I am always aware that she is also someone else’s daughter too. We had the privilege of meeting […]

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Five Realizations About Marriage After Single Parenting

After five happy years of single parenting, I married the love of my life and became a wife and parenting partner all at once. It’s been an amazing journey, but I’d be a fool to expect it to be easy. I love being married to my husband and my son loves having him as his […]

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Three Things Led Me To My Biological Family | Part II

I found my birth mother on February 19, 2014. One can only imagine the emotions, thoughts and questions that quickly go through someone’s brain once a realization like this comes to the surface… It was hard. It was so extremely hard. Emotions were attacking me from all angles. I struggled with how to approach Cynthia. I didn’t […]

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Holiday Traditions

In Blended Family Basics, I wrote about some of the core values we follow to raise our three kids in a blended family environment. That approach works pretty well throughout the year, but the holiday season presents a new set of dynamics to address. Even if you don’t have a blended family, you probably struggle […]

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Blended Family Basics

I’ve been part of a blended family for almost nine years.  What’s a blended family, you ask?  Remember that old TV series, The Brady Bunch?  It’s like that.  Divorced parents (usually both with kids) coming together to form a family of their own.  I only wish I could afford a maid named Alice like they […]

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