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Let’s Hope She Stays Healthy: 7 Ways to Support Health and Confidence

Earlier this week, while enjoying a breakfast date with my 20-month-old son, a woman came over to us and commented on how cute he is. She continued to comment on how well he eats, how much he eats, and how tall he is. We continued to make small talk and I mentioned he eats a […]

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5 Reasons Post-Baby Exercise is Super Hardcore

As I triumphantly rolled my four-month-old under the balloon-arch finish line of her first 5K on this side of the womb, a grinning volunteer yelled, “You’re the first stroller!” I smugly reveled in my hardcoreness for about two seconds before reminding myself that sweeping the stroller division isn’t that hard when you jog a casual, […]

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Before and During Pregnancy

I’m One of Those Ballooning Pregnant Women

I always dreamed of being one of those super fit pregnant women who didn’t look pregnant anywhere other than in their belly. You know, the kind whose bodies look exactly the same other than their growing bumps, the kind who can still wear their pre-pregnancy jeans through every trimester as long as they have a […]

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40 Weeks In, 40 Weeks Out: Motherhood is About Growing and Shrinking

I’ve suffered from a strange ailment for years: I enjoy running. Long distances. When no one is chasing me. Six months before I found out I was pregnant, I ran my first marathon. A few weeks before I saw that little plus sign, I ran my fastest half marathon. And then I heard a tiny […]

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OPEN CALL: Seeking Readers for TCMB’s This is MY Mom Body Photo Series

{UPDATE}: Due to the overwhelming interest we’ve received, we’ve had to close submissions for the time being. However, we are looking into doing a second series later in the fall – stay tuned and thank you! How do you feel about YOUR Mom Body?  Some of us are confident and comfortable, some of us aren’t there […]

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