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Thanks, But No Thanks

A recent article on 6 Baby Items You Don’t Need was posted where Ami mentioned nixing the diaper genie (yes, the heaven-sent diaper genie that leaves fumes lingering in your house for a week if you forget to empty when you leave for the weekend). My sister-in-law also went without this magical pail and I thought, […]

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What They Say vs. What We Do: How Real Moms Interpret Common Advice

Being a mommy is hard. Following all the advice a mommy gets is even harder. From how to sleep train to whether or not to nag about nose picking, it seems there’s no shortage of opinions on every aspect of child rearing. So we pick and we choose. We take some advice as non-negotiable truth, […]

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Parenting By The Book. Or Not.

Confession: I have never read a parenting book. Okay, I have skimmed a few chapters of various books here and there but I have never read one in its entirety.  Nor did I read one pregnancy book while I was carrying a precious life in my womb. Ten years ago (10 years!) when I was pregnant with […]

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