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A Twin Cities Moms’ Guide to the Month of July 2016

There’s always something to do in the Twin Cities, especially in the summer months! We’re here to help you keep your sanity by bringing these activities all together in one easy guide. In 2016, we’ll be bringing you monthly event guides so you don’t miss a thing! This is month #7, again with no shortage of [...]
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Walking Alongside Moms Across the World

{Disclosure: City Moms Blog Network has partnered with Food for the Hungry to initiate change in communities around the world facing extreme poverty. In May 2016, Food for the Hungry sponsored an educational trip to Guatemala for three members of the City Moms Blog Team.} Guatemala. As we were flying in, my limited knowledge could [...]
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With An Open Heart – How to Talk About Disabilities

“Mommy, I hear train,” my two year old, Charlotte, signs to me with her micro-toddler fingers. My daughter doesn’t share my disability; but her little fingers know American Sign Language (ASL) and she already uses some of it at home. On some level, I know Charlotte understands that I’m different than her because she waves at me to get […]

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