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Six Tips For Planning A DIY-Style Party Outside Your Home

Because my husband and I planned to throw what I would call a “mid-sized bash” for our son’s first birthday, and Minnesota is like a teenage girl in April and can’t decide what the weather should be, we knew pretty quickly that we’d need to find an offsite indoor space to host our son’s party. […]

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Wreath Revamp

Normally, March comes around and I still have my Christmas wreath on my front door.  The once welcomed holiday décor looks so drab and depressing when anticipating spring.  This year, I realized something had to be done.  Wreaths are expensive.  Our house doesn’t have a storm door, so the elements simply destroy anything I put […]

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The Easiest Beauty DIY You’ll Ever Do In Your Life

I’m about to change your life with one little ingredient. Cornstarch. Why is this life changing, you ask? Here’s the thing. My husband, an oh-so-responsible fella, seems to think it’s important for this family to stay on a budget. And while I agree, there are important purchases to make, like super expensive translucent face powders. […]

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DIY Silk Flower Headbands

I have a confession. I’m totally one of those moms who LOVES all things pink and frilly for my baby girls. Shortly after they were born I learned about the amazing world of fancy schmancy headbands. I mean seriously. A huge oversized bow on a tiny baby? It really doesn’t get much cuter. Unfortunately, I […]

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Collage Walls – Fantastic and (almost) Free

A great collage wall – you know, a beautiful display of oil paintings, gallery photos, and expensive prints, combined into a lovely piece of art all on its own.  Pinterest has a large number of pages dedicated to just collage walls, but I find the majority of them quite overwhelming with artwork.  Without spending an […]

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Easy Personalized Photo Valentine’s Day Cards

I love finding great ideas for Valentine’s Day. My kids are still of the age that they exchange cards with their whole class at school – so we love to make something that is personal, fun and memorable. I ran across this idea several years ago and we’ve used it every year since because it […]

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Feathers, Sticks and Felt

  I’ve had a brown paper bag of pheasant feathers in my house for months now that have just been waiting for a new home.  A handful of them found their way into a vase on my dresser, but I knew there was greater potential for those little buggers.  Prior to Christmas, I thought they […]

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Glam up your cupboard with a little RRR

Attaining beautiful inside cupboards.  We’ve all seen the dream kitchens and pantries that are lined with glass jars filled with colorful grains and seeds and pastas.  Everything about those images appears so romantic.  Waking in the morning and pouring your daily bowl of oatmeal from a beautiful glass jar (instead of a paper packet), reaching […]

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You are not the only one…

So it’s the middle of January and I am writing to you from my living room, sitting on my couch NEXT TO MY CHRISTMAS TREE! I know some of you have had your Christmas decorations put away since December 26th and you are tempted to stop reading this because you just can’t relate to such […]

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Easy Peasy DIY Hair Clips

One year, my oldest daughter (who apparently has a lot of friends) got invited to 24 birthday parties. 24. That’s a whole lot of partying. And it meant I had a decision to make. Go broke – or get to DIYing. I chose the latter, and put my glue gun to work. For just a […]

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