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Tired of Sleepless Nights? Call the Consultant

A chronic lack of sleep, that is when you have crossed the threshold into parenthood. From the minute your precious little one arrives the deprivation begins and for many, sleep remains elusive well into preschool. While in the hospital, mothers are drilled by lactation consultants on latch, positioning and nipple confusion. The pediatrician signs off […]

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Sleep Well, Sweet Girl | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Sleep Well, Sweet Girl

We don’t co-sleep.  Since the day I brought each one of my kids home from the hospital, they went to sleep in their own rooms in their own beds.  All late-night and early-morning nursing sessions happened in the rocking chair next to a crib in a bedroom that was not mine.  I have never woken […]

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The Same Two Feet of Space (National Siblings Day 2018) | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The Same Two Feet of Space (National Siblings Day 2018)

I always laughed last summer as I watched how my three kids approached others to play at the park. “Hi,” one of my then three-year-old twins would say, “What’s your name?” The kid would respond with their name, before asking back, “What’s your name?” Without missing a beat, the twin would respond with, “We’re Caden […]

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