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My Next Nursery Will Have These 5 Things

Our little critter’s nursery is great— bright and colorful, lots of storage, a stain-proof rug. And it got her sleeping through the night at an I-better-not-say-it-for-risk-of-being-hated age. But considering the wide range of events that happen in Baby Central, next time — if there is a next time — I’m going to have some HGTV […]

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Twin Cities Moms Blog’s 2015 Favorite Things!

We’ve been working hard on our second annual Favorite Things feature and are thrilled be able to finally reveal this year’s Top Ten!  By working hard, we mean we have been scouring shops in the Twin Cities, looking for the best products on the market by local makers.  All of these products come from women-owned businesses, including […]

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The Art of Moving

Before becoming a stay/work-at-home mom, I worked in real estate. A wide, wide variety of positions in real estate. From home staging to Section 8 property management to relocation/foreclosures, as well as a marketing assistant for a few successful agents. (Oh, did I mention we’ve moved 5 times in the last 3 years?) Needless to […]

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Can Your Child Dial 911 Using a Smart Phone? {FREE PRINTABLE & APPS!}

Can my children dial 911 if I needed them to? I realized the answer was no and I had no back-up plan. I was pregnant with my third child and I stayed at home with my then 4 and 2 year old. My husband worked outside the home and traveled consistently and we had no […]

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How To: Organizing Baby Clothes

It’s amazing to me how much room those tiny, little pieces of clothing our babies wear take up. While my son’s nursery closet started out nice and organized, with specified bins and drawers for each piece of clothing, and even closet clothing dividers, he has grown so fast in the past year that my carefully constructed organizational […]

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