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How To: Organizing Baby Clothes

It’s amazing to me how much room those tiny, little pieces of clothing our babies wear take up. While my son’s nursery closet started out nice and organized, with specified bins and drawers for each piece of clothing, and even closet clothing dividers, he has grown so fast in the past year that my carefully constructed organizational […]

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garage sale

Garage Sale 101

I’m all about a good garage sale, both on the shopping end and the selling end. I have a built-in thrill, an itch, a deep longing come March every year to get back into the garage sale game. Besides being an avid shopper, I’ve hosted my own sale the last three years. Here are a […]

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Chandelier Revivals

When we moved to our current home, I had to leave all my treasured light fixtures behind. No biggie, “I can use a change, different is good,” I thought…until I realized the actual price that was involved in wanting to switch out a few all of the light fixtures in the new house. I can […]

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I’ve been stewing on the word contentment for a while now, particularly in terms of my house.  A little backstory: we moved into a new house 1 ½ years ago.  We love the layout, we love the neighborhood, we love the lot, we loved the general care and upkeep that was put into the home, […]

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Wreath Revamp

Normally, March comes around and I still have my Christmas wreath on my front door.  The once welcomed holiday décor looks so drab and depressing when anticipating spring.  This year, I realized something had to be done.  Wreaths are expensive.  Our house doesn’t have a storm door, so the elements simply destroy anything I put […]

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Collage Walls – Fantastic and (almost) Free

A great collage wall – you know, a beautiful display of oil paintings, gallery photos, and expensive prints, combined into a lovely piece of art all on its own.  Pinterest has a large number of pages dedicated to just collage walls, but I find the majority of them quite overwhelming with artwork.  Without spending an […]

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Five Tips On Toy Rotation

If your house is anything like my house this time of year, there are new toys. Everywhere. Dolls and books and stray crayons, missing puzzle pieces, legos and teddy bears. Enter in two birthdays between Christmas and the end of January in our household, and we have gotten loads of new fun stuff all within […]

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