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When You’re Aware Something’s Not Right: PCOS Awareness Month

In high school, I once got a menstrual period so bad that I blacked out in class, got dragged to the nurse’s office by a classmate, and threw up in the principal’s private bathroom.  I never knew when my period could start, which meant I often bled through my pants in public with no warning.  […]

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Ignacio (29)

A Mother’s Gestational Carrier Story

In honor of both Infertility Week and Mother's Day, we're presenting the birth story of little Ignacio.  Ignacio was born in early 2016 via gestational carrier. We'd love to introduce you to him, his parents, and his carrying family in this touching photo series of his birthday.  A big "Thank You" to Melissa Hogstad for sharing [...]
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What not to say to moms of one-2

What Not to Say to a Mom of One

I have one child. It’s not by choice. I would have had more if my eggs had cooperated. Other moms have one child because, well, they chose to have one child. Whether by our own personal choice or biology’s limitations, we find ourselves at the same destination: single child families. And that’s where people have […]

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Dear FutureBaby-2

Dear Future Baby

There was recently a parody of Meghan Trainor’s Dear Future Husband. The viral video was sang by two hopeful Minnesota dads, as they anticipated the arrival of their adopted child. They called it Dear Future Baby. It tugged at the heart strings of many, as we watched from behind our computer screens and smartphone devices. […]

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9 benefits of infertility

9 Benefits of Infertility (Or, How a 100+ Year Old Song Turned Me Into An Optimist)

Before you fire up your fingertips to type an offended response, please know there are no real benefits of infertility. Not one. But after three miscarriages, nine rounds of treatment and enough tears to fill the Gulf of Mexico, my desire and ability to suffer through one more day of emotional gray skies has simply run […]

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