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Lakes for Days! We’re exploring just a few of the many lakes the Twin Cities has to offer. Join us as we explore them one at a time, with a bonus focus on lakeside dining destinations!

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Lakes for Days: The Cedar and Brownie Edition

If you’re looking for a lake that’s more peaceful, a little quieter and more rugged – you should get yourself and your littles over to Cedar or Brownie Lakes. Both are on the west side of Minneapolis and offer a variety of beaches, trails and experiences. These lakes don’t have nearly the hustle and bustle that […]

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Lakes for Days: Lake Minnetonka & More

I don’t even know where to start in talking about all the fun you can have in and around Lake Minnetonka (and that’s not even including professional sports scandals! Kidding….) It’s huge – about 125 miles worth of shoreline – and borders ​approximately 14 communities in the western part of the Twin Cities. So, without rambling […]

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