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Supermom Has it All… Including Postpartum Depression

Looking at other parents’ Facebook or Instagram feeds may make it seem like they really have it all…  a wonderful marriage, a supportive spouse with a successful job, a beautiful house in the suburbs with a white-picket fence and a big yard for the dog, at least two children (including at least one boy and one girl), and fashionable […]

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Mom Feelings

It’s been a month of crazy around here. Dad has been busier at work. Mom has become busier with work. The house work has been put slightly on the back-burner. Our three-year old is facing the beginning of preschool. Little brother has become more mobile, and therefore requires even more attention. As you probably already know: […]

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I Think Your Budget is

Your Budget Is Sexy

{Disclosure:  Being a parent incurs a lot of expenses.  We’re thrilled to be partnering with brightpeak to connect you with their Savings Tips E-Book. Download this great resource and stay informed!} “Your budget is sexy.” Probably not a pick up line you’ve heard before, but I have. In fact, my budget was one of the many ways […]

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