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10 Questionable Parenting Tips from a First-Time Mom

I’m a first-time mom. Aside from some furry children, I only have one kid of my own. So while I often feel like more of a third-time mom (regularly finding pacifiers in my work bag, refusing to pay full price for any kids clothes ever, and an almost alarmingly cavalier approach toward safety and cleanliness), […]

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Fostering Animals Made Me a Better Mom

It all started as a compromise. I’ve wanted a dog for years, my spouse does not want one until our kids are a bit older, so we met in the middle with an agreement to do animal foster care. I was more excited than my kids in Target’s toy aisle. I have now fostered two […]

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Ode to the Family Dog

Tail wagging when you walk through the door, always there to brighten your day and welcome you home.  A few licks and jumps and circles emphasize their excitement to see you.  No matter how bad your day is, their joyful greeting lets you know how happy they are to have you home.  The love of […]

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