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Aunt Missy’s Slow Cooker Ham

One of my biggest day to day challenges is figuring out how to find time to get dinner on the table. With three kids under three, inevitably our witching hour is early evening. If I wait until then to start prepping, chances are we’re gonna end up having eggs and frozen waffles or ordering take-out. In an effort to stay […]

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Cleaner Food

Organic.  Organic.  Organic.  It’s all we hear about.  From the produce at our markets to something as processed as a box of macaroni and cheese.  There is so much research out there; some showing that “organic” doesn’t really matter with regard to our health and others showing the complete opposite.  There’s ‘the dirty dozen’…the dirtiest, […]

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Baby’s First Food

Feeding my babies their first food has been an exciting endeavor for me; shocking, I know 😉  I spent quite a bit of time researching with my first.  The options are endless…and accompanied by do’s, dont’s, controversies and norms.  When to give them their first food.  How much.  What kind.  The shoulds and the shouldn’ts. […]

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The Easiest (Pinterest-Style) First Birthday Party!

We recently celebrated our third first-birthday-party. We have had quite a bit of practice at this first-birthday-party-business. For our first daughter, I went all out for her party. I sent lots of money and lots of time planning it all, and when all was said and done,  I was exhausted and felt like I was […]

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Savory Chicken Stew

Anyone else up for migrating south?  Yes, friends, I know we all signed up to live here in Minnesota but lets be realistic.  I AM OVER THE COLD!  It’s amazing how each May I tell myself that winters are not that bad around here and that the good of spring, summer and fall outweigh the bad of […]

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Peanut Butter Protein Bites

If you’re anything like me you are constantly looking for quick, easy, make-ahead, healthful snacks to have on hand for the family.  My appetite has been obscenely large these days…as my new nursing journey has begun…and these nummy bites have been quite the lifesaver.  They are packed with natural protein and fiber and I can […]

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Life Changing Mac and Cheese

The reason I call this life changing is because you will be absolutely amazed at how simple, fast and delicious this family favorite is. I would have to say this is one of the most common recipes I am asked to share and for valid reasons, in my humble opinion 🙂  Top notch grub, right […]

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