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Do I Love You Enough?

My family is formed through both adoption and birth. We adopted from Ethiopia first, then I gave birth to two more children. My relationship with my oldest daughter is complex because, at the back of my mind, I am always aware that she is also someone else’s daughter too. We had the privilege of meeting […]

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Overwhelmed exhausted woman feeling tired of cleaning in her messy house sitting on the floor with toys and laundry lying around her

The Tired Mama That CAN!

Monotony. It’s a big part of parenting. We live by our routines and adhere to the tiring repetition we often feel bound by. I have a vivid memory of when my girls were babies. It involves words running through my head in a zombie-like posture, “wake, feed, burb, wrap, snuggle, rock, sleep, repeat”. Most days […]

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The Joy of a Local, Kid-Free, Weekend Vacation

For our anniversary this year, my husband and I decided to spend a kid-free weekend just fifteen minutes from our house. And we loved it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for vacations where you travel somewhere far from home, but if the goal of your vacation is to spend quality time together with […]

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