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I Can Have It All… But Only With Yoga

As moms, we understand the importance of self-care, and we are here to help busy moms like you find time to prioritize your wellness. Our hope is that you feel encouraged and equipped to value and prioritize nutrition, self-care, fitness and a healthy body image through these personal stories from experts in the fitness industry […]

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Mom Friends – It Doesn’t Have to be Hard | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Mom Friends – It Doesn’t Have to be Hard

I love my mom friends. Beyond words. Every single one of them.  There’s just that instant connection. For me… {Photo credit: Lauren Marie} At first, initially, I was going to write this post about making mom friends and how it’s really hard. Because, ya know, that is what all the blog posts I have read are […]

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The Key to Effective Training: Find Your Accountability Factor | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The Key to Effective Training: Find Your Accountability Factor

Are you looking for a new fitness routine, but you just don’t know where to start? Carrie Tollefson, Fitness Director for our partners at Moms on the Run, shares three essential components of effective training and reminds us that there is one main factor to consider: accountability. This post is a part of our ongoing […]

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10 Wellness Ideas That Take Less Than Five Minutes

I believe that wellness means honoring and taking care of my body and cultivating joy wherever I go. Living a healthy, full life is as much about what fills my body as what fills my heart and mind. Around the time when my son turned one, I realized that if I wanted to savor this […]

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Baby girl on potty with notebook

Welcome To The Parenthood Club

It sounds cliche, but it’s true: Before you become a parent, you really have no idea what you’re in for. No amount of research can prepare you for the real thing. Even if you have a brood of nieces and nephews or nannied dozens of kids, it’s different having your own. As someone with embarassingly […]

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Top view of mother with baby boy lying on floor and playing with dumbbells

Feel Better, Do Better: A Health and Wellness Pep-Talk for Moms {Part 5}

Here is our fifth installment in our ongoing series with our partners at Harrington & Associates Plastic Surgery! Dr. Jennifer Harrington is here to discuss topics surrounding women’s health and wellness. Raise your hand if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to lose weight or achieve a certain fitness goal! Come on! Most of […]

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Diary of a Plus Size Mom

I sometimes struggle with my body image.  In my 33 years of life, I have seen bodies constantly judged near and far including my own.  In my case, always being judged for being too big or that dreaded “F” word….Fat.  It’s not a new world problem.  I have many memories that stem from my childhood.  […]

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